College of Science, Engineering, and Technology

The College of Science, Engineering, and Technology offers more than 40 different major options and aims to provide a dynamic, hands-on approach to higher education, while fostering new and growing opportunities for students, faculty, and the community. Owning a laptop is a must for CSET students because many courses require computer software. Most opt for a Windows computer because of its analysis capabilities and because some software involved in the College is Windows-only. However, older models of Apple laptops may be able to run Windows on top of its operating system.

General Advice:

  • Power-intensive software may require a higher-end laptop including:
    • i5 or i7 processor
    • 16 gb of ram
    • graphics card
    • 512+ gb storage
  • The majority of students and professionals use Windows computers within the College of Science, Engineering, and Technology

Science Teaching, Mathematics Teaching:

  • Many classrooms are set up for Apple laptops
  • iPads are often used by teachers for notes and demonstration purposes

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