College of Business

The College of Business aims to bring extraordinary faculty, staff, alumni, and industry leaders into student's lives to introduce them to new opportunities to launch their careers, businesses, and lives. Having a laptop is important to those in the field because subjects such as accounting, finance, management, international business, and marketing require access to certain software applications. Laptops make it easy for business students to learn and work on-the-go.

Accounting & Finance:

  • PC focused major
  • May find bigger screen preferable for large spreadsheets and other financial software


  • Many professional marketers use Apple computers
  • Bigger screen (15-17") is convenient for detailed work

International Business:

  • Dependent on the country
  • Those who are marketing-focused may prefer Apple laptops


  • Dependent of the type of business you desire to manage
  • Creatively-driven industry workers prefer Apple computers while productivity-driven industries oftentimes prefer PCs

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