College of Allied Health and Nursing

The College of Allied Health and Nursing is dedicated to educating individuals who promote wellness and improve the quality of life through teaching, scholarship, and service. Students will find owning a laptop useful to stay organized and productive through their demanding coursework. Either Apple or Windows laptops would be suitable for students pursuing the College of Allied Health and Nursing.

Family Consumer Science Education, Health and Physical Education:

  • Many classrooms are set up for Apple laptops
  • iPads are often used by teachers for notes and demonstration purposes

Dental Education, Exercise Science, Nursing, Pre-professional Programs:

  • Classes, labs, and clinicals demand a light computer capable for on-the-go work
  • Tablets are great options for taking fast notes and easy storage

Sport Management:

  • Research what sport you are interested in
  • Many sport managers use Microsoft Surface tablets for coaching and training

Alcohol and Drug Studies, Communication Sciences and Disorders, Family Consumer Science, Social Work:

  • Students may benefit from having a laptop for note-heavy work
  • In-person interaction may demand a light laptop

*This list is limited to the Campus Computer Store Staff's top picks. For more options, browse all laptops

*If your major is not listed, or if you have additional questions, contact us to get a personalized recommendation