College of Arts and Humanities

College of Arts and Humanities

The College of Arts & Humanities is home to Art, Communication Studies, English, Humanities, Mass Media, Music, Interdisciplinary Studies, Philosophy, Theatre & Dance, and World Languages & Cultures. To achieve their goal of nurturing excellence in creativity, imagination, and critical and analytical reasoning, students will find a laptop useful. Those who frequently need to produce artistic assignments prefer Apple laptops because of their creative applications. However, Windows laptops are also sufficient for these majors but are preferred for analysis-heavy work.


Music Industry:

  • Most music industry professionals use Apple laptops for musical applications such as Logic Pro

Graphic Design, Art & Design:

  • Artistic students would find a bigger laptop screen (15-17") or external monitor helpful for seeing fine details
  • Apple computers are ideal for design work

Film & Media Studies:

  • Many film professionals utilize Apple laptops for video editing applications such as Final Cut Pro
  • Video editors would find a bigger laptop screen (15-17") or external monitor helpful for seeing fine details

Theatre Arts, Dance:

  • On-the-move programs may demand light laptops or tablets

English, Humanities, Philosophy, Communication, World Languages & Cultures:

  • Students may benefit from having a laptop for note-heavy work

Interdisciplinary Studies:

  • Explore other areas of the Major Guide to see what sort of technology is recommended for fields in your interest

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